At reesa, we always notice the deluge of enquiries for new office spaces we always get come September. For many businesses, summer is the time when things wind down. A large percentage of your workforce may be away on annual leave at any one time and for many companies, demand slows down during the height of summer. Come the September period, when most employees are back at work and demand picks up again, should be business as usual. Unfortunately, your employees may not be in the same mindset.

Many workers find it difficult to return to work after taking time out for their summer holidays. Many of us adopt a different, more relaxed mindset on holiday and adapt to a slower pace of life. Some employees may have taken advantage of the time to step back and rethink where their lives and careers are going.

This means that some workers may find it challenging to return back to the workplace, which demands a fast paced approach. What’s more, returning to a deluge of emails that has amassed or everyday tasks that may have been neglected whilst the employee is away; can make them feel overwhelmed upon their return. All these factors can contribute to what is known as the back to work blues The Australian psychologist Dr Dan Steindel compares the slump often shown by employees returning from their holidays to the restlessness and upset young children often experience going back to school after the summer break.

He recommends that employees support themselves to avoid the back to work blues in the workplace. This includes not “overdoing it” by taking on too much work at once, and recommends they also take care of themselves, eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercise.

Similarly employers can help employees avoid the back to work blues when summer comes to an end, by easing them back into the workplace. Unrealistic expectations from line managers can be a major source of demoralisation in the workplace. Being aware of what outstanding employees need to catch up on and giving them adequate time to do so, will help them ease back into the workplace and not start the autumn/winter period feeling stressed because they have dropped behind.

The post holiday period is also a great opportunity for employers to reengage with their employees. Another key part of workplace dissatisfaction is feeling there is a lack of opportunities to develop within their role, or there is no career path set out in front of them. As the summer holidays can be a time to step back and reflect, managers can take advantage of this more somber mood by scheduling meet ups with their employees to talk about their long term career goals with the company.

Your employees of course, aren’t children and a satisfied worker should be realistic enough to understand that life can’t be all work and no play. As long as your office is a working environment which makes your employees feel valued, they shouldn’t find it too difficult getting back into the mindset of the working world.

About us

Reesa is a global real estate consultancy that acts as the commercial property department for our clients. The company offers a bespoke service that operates exclusively on behalf of the occupier.

We specialize and consult on specific long-term property strategies and office relocations, in order to develop tailored solutions.

Our industry leading work covers all aspects of a commercial project from office acquisition and tenant representation, to lease renewals and transaction management.

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